August 2004: Due to recent allegations this site will be being used as a means of posting pertinent information pertaining to the legal interests of Daniel Valenti. I hope you all understand as we especialy want to get back to everyday life that this site will be redirected for this purpose. Let this be of reassurance... as with the backing of our families we will pursue to the fullest extent of the law (criminaly and civily) any persons involved in the defamation of character; slander, those who have acted out in a retaliation motivated mannor, and individuals who have filed reports for malicious reasons.

Friends, more information will be posted! Thank you for your support and any information you may have pertaining to those who have maliciously made statements. Information can be submitted through the family for the benefit of proper legal proccessing.

Thank you as we hope to resolve these matters as quickly as possible.

January 24, 2005: A letter recieved from the state of florida, headed by Jeb Bush, Lucy D. Hadi, and Mike Murphy summarizing that the completion of investigations with no findings brings closure to the investigations.

Once again, thank you as many individuals have played an integral part in this vindication... one thing has to be said..... truth can set you free!